Yo Hair Color System

The Yo Color system has three parts, permanent color, semi-permanent, and custom colored condition. This systems allows us to create the perfect color, while keeping the hair in amazing condition, and maintain vibrancy until your next visit. 

• Made with certified organic flax and calendula. Calendula for soothing and calming scalp and hair; flax for providing moisture, shine and softness to hair.

• Designed for maximum protection of hair and scalp, and to meet the increasing demand for gentle, ammonia-free color.

• Its inviting and velvety cream texture is completely odorless, ensuring maximum comfort during application.

• NaYo is permanent color that can lift up to 4 to 5 levels and cover gray.

• NaYo has a cream base so that it sticks to hair and gives the best gray coverage. The thick cream base also allows the product to hold and carry more moisture into the hair.

• The calendula, flax and yogurt base are in both the color and the developer for maximum gentleness and protection.

• NaYo uses a combination of the Ethylnolamine family (not just one ingredient) creating a gentle product to swell the hair shaft.

• NaYo is different than its competitors. NaYo’s thick cream base enables maximum coverage and moisture, compared to products with an oil gel base.