Crazy For Kevin (Murphy)!


I like to consider myself a high fashion hippie. My passion for the planet comes through in everything I do. Long before Verde I single handedly recycled as much as I could at previous salons. About ten years ago I once cried when a stack of magazines I put together to recycle was thrown into a dumpster. (True story). Another personal conflict I encountered was selling and using products that I did not feel enthusiasm for. Until one day Verde met Kevin Murphy and the rest is history. But just in case you haven't heard about our relationship with KM, let me explain to you why we Love the brand, the products, and the man himself so much! 

It was a match made in heaven! How did we not know about Kevin!? It all started with a test kit that our former representative brought in for us to try. Ashley, Deanna, and I were instantly hooked. After our romance with Kevin Murphy products we decided we had to break it off with our former hair affair. Verde and Kevin Murphy have been exclusive ever since. 

Bringing Kevin Murphy into your everyday routine is such an experience! The sulfate/paraben free shampoos all have magical essential oils in them! Lavender, tea tree, patchouli, and rose-hip are a few of Kevin's favorites. He also adds ingredients that will actually improve the health of your hair over time. Kevin likes to call his products "skincare for your hair." 

 Still searching for your perfect Kevin Murphy product? On the Kevin Murphy website you can find your true love too! Just answer a few questions about your hair and everyday routine!


Not only are KM products fabulous but we also support the brand's ethics. Kevin Murphy has an actual Green Team that is comprised of "eco-minded individuals" who are always coming up with new ways to lessen the carbon footprint of the company. Most of KM products are made in facilities that actually have a carbon footprint of zero! The packaging is recyclable and some of it is made from recycled water bottles. Even the square shape of the packaging is more eco-friendly. Square products make it easier for shipping. KM pucks can be rinsed out and used again as a personal container. All of the natural, sustainable ingredients found in the products are harvested in a way that won't harm the environment. 

Kevin Murphy also has a couple mutual friends of Verde. KM is partnered with Eco-Heads and Green Circle Salon to continue decreasing the impact on the environment. Eco-Heads are the brand new nozzles we just put at all our shampoo basins. We now use 65% less water on a wash than before. Green Circle Salon helps salons recycle items that we cannot such as excess color, color tubes, used foils, and hair clippings. Right now YOUR hair is being turned into a synthetic plastic at Virginia Tech all thanks to Green Circle! Visit their websites to learn more!

The brand also is PETA certified which means absolutely no harm to animals is involved with its production. Products are tested on humans only! They also donate to Culture Is Life which is a non-profit organization that helps Aboriginal Australian teens that struggle trying to fit into modern day society.

You've heard about the products and the brand, but what about the man behind it all? Kevin Murphy is an editorial stylist. From fashion shows to cover shoots he is usually globe trotting with models. In between he finds time to attend Al Gore's climate change meetings. Since 2011 when he attended The Climate Reality Change in Jakarta he has taken on the role of relaying the importance of climate change and solutions to hairdressers worldwide. Fun fact, he's a lefty like me! :) 

These are a just a handful of reasons why The Verde Girls are head over heels for KM! It feels amazing to buy a product and know that you are helping make this world a better place in so many ways! For more information on Kevin Murphy visit the website or you can always ask one of us! 

Gretchen Kamp

Brand Identity specialist and Squarespace website designer / developer.