From Summer Swell to Fall Fabulous!

Fall is coming, and that means so is your new Fall look! We have two things to consider in regards to your hair, 1) How are we going to get your hair back in shape? and 2) What is my fab new fall hair style? Have no fear, I have the answers for you! 

While the summer is slowly starting to wind down, our hair has probably seen chlorine and salt water often! Which means you had a great summer, but it also means you probably haven't been treating your hair with the love it deserves. By the end of the season hair usually feels a bit dry and damaged. My go to products to get my hair back to life and feeling instantly better is our Kevin.Murphy repair me line: wash and rinse! 


Our REPAIR-ME.WASH and RINSE nourishes and restores while reconstructing and replenishing the hair. The Papain enzyme found in REPAIR-ME.WASH and RINSE is derived from the papaya fruit when it is green and not quite fully ripened. In hair care products, the Papain acts as both an antioxidant and an exfoliant, which means REPAIR-ME.WASH and RINSE not only nourish and restore the hair, they also remove impurities from the hair for a better cleanse. In addition, Papain aids in smoothing the hair. Another powerful ingredient found in REPAIR-ME.WASH and RINSE is Bromelain. This enzyme is derived from pineapple fruit and stems, where most of the Bromelain can be found in the stems. In REPAIR-ME.WASH and RINSE, Papain and Bromelain work together with a blend of other ingredients including Green Pea Protein and Shea Butter to deliver a powerful dose of antioxidants while nourishing, restoring, and strengthening the hair, resulting in optimal shine and manageability. 


It's that time again, we are dreaming about pumpkin spice lattes and rich auburn hair color.  Time to think of reinventing your hair. With the change of season we usually like change in other parts of our lives, like changing your look. Whether it's a new cut, color, or event just a new part!

We are seeing two awesome trends coming out for fall: 1) 80's inspired bold colors and strong geometric shapes and 2) soft, feminine looks with muted shades and layered textures. 

In fashion there will be a lot of color blocking and vibrancy. This can be transferred into hair ideas as well! Color blocking and peekaboo to name a couple. Mixing very loud and worldly patterns will also be a new look. Here the hair can be simple so the outfit gets all the likes! Along the lines of undone styles is this 'wet' look that will be popular as well! It's a fun way to have more of a polished yet lived-in look. Also consider super cool gender-neutral cuts and shapes.

A very different, but equally awesome trend is soft, natural texture, livedin looks- whether it's the cut, color or both making this happen! Think neutral and muted tones with soft rose-golds in a romantic vintage-y way. Channel your inner Gwyneth Paltrow (thanks Kate!).  

So find your inspiration this fall and swing on by Verde for a look thats perfectly you!

Gretchen Kamp

Brand Identity specialist and Squarespace website designer / developer.