Benefits of Brow Shaping!

by: Samantha Snowdale


Sculpted brows are so on trend right now and I'm loving the attention women are giving their oh-so-important brows these days! 

I've always paid close attention to my brows since I have such fair skin and light hair color. Without shaping and adding a little makeup to my brows they are virtually non existent! I personally love to use a brow powder with a thin angled brush to start, Glo Minerals Brow Powder Duo is my favorite, to sculpt and fill in any sparse areas using small light strokes to help give a more natural hairlike effect. Then I finish with clear Glo Minerals Brow Gel to hold all the hairs in place, giving my brows a flawless finish! It's such a quick and easy way to help this busy mom on-the-go feel a little more put together!

After helping many clients over the years sculpt the perfect brow I highly recommend seeing a professional for all your brow needs. I've seen too many woman with over-tweezed skinny brows from at home grooming. Not only is this not the “in look” right now, sometimes they don't grow back! To see the power of properly sized brows, check out this article!

Adele's eyebrows before and after, what a difference!?

There are many ways to tame your brows. Waxing is the most common, and probably least expensive. At Verde salon we use a hard wax, as it is very gentle on the skin. Other popular techniques are tweezing and threading. Either way, chances are once you shape then add a little sculpting with your favorite brow product you will be looking fabulous! 

Most importantly, your eyebrows show emotion.  From the mouth of babes- my own four year old said to me one day "look mommy I have eyebrows, that means I'm mad!" 😂 At four years old he's already noticing how eyebrows help express how we feel! So why not have the perfect brow to not only help us look polished and more awake, but to help express how we are feeling!

When brows are sculpted properly they can help soften your facial features, bring out your eyes, and give you a more youthful appearance. Great news… getting a brow shaping is a much more inexpensive way to look and feel like you've had an eye lift! 

Even if you prefer a more natural look to your brows, a small amount of grooming to those few stray hairs will drastically improve the balance and symmetry to your face and brighten up your entire look!

And ladies this isn't just for you... Pass along the benefits of brow shaping to your husbands, boyfriends, or any guy in your life!  A little eyebrow grooming on a male can mean the difference between a scruffy looking guy and a well-groomed man. 

So next time you are at Verde please ask your stylist to show you our Glo Minerals brow products or ask for an eyebrow wax-shaping! 

Gretchen Kamp

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