6 Amazing Small Businesses in MA

By Deanna Murphy

As a small business owner, I am proud of who I choose to support and do business with.  So when we started our journey of molding our salon I was more than thrilled to find some local businesses to team up with. I'd like to highlight some of my favorites!


1. Jarmak Wood- Oxford, Massachusetts
We found this super cool company as we were searching for the perfect reclaimed wood.  Jarmak collects timbres, beams, and flooring from historical buildings that are between 200 and 500 years old!  Being able to work with them was such a cool experience and their warehouse and lumberyard in Oxford are unbelievable. Our beautiful wood retail shelves are made from reclaimed floorboards from an old school house in Edgartown Martha's Vineyard, thanks to Jarmak.


2. Restored Salvage- Hopedale, Massachusetts
Design has always been such a  huge part of my life, just ask my dad who graciously painted my  bedroom walls black and ceiling navy during my teenage years. Yikes!  Once I heard of this store I was so excited to check it out!  One beautiful wooden  bench and two metal storage bureaus later, I was in love with this place! They have everything from old navy shipyard crates to handmade metal furniture.  For anyone with


3. Simpson Spring- Easton, Massachusetts
I am always looking for ways to improve what I eat and drink so finding Simpson Spring in Easton was like winning the lottery! Simpson spring is family owned and operated. Their facility is gorgeous with old wood beams, an original lab where the famous natural soda was created, and of course the spring where they source the water. The spring itself dates back to 6000 BC. They leave all the natural minerals in the water giving it it's undeniably great taste. They also have the water available in glass jugs and glass bottles which is great for someone like me who is trying to remove plastic from their life!



4. Baking with Joy- Rockland, Massachusetts
No who doesn't love treats?! This girl definitely does! Baking with Joy in Rockland makes everything fresh with no preservatives and they also have a gluten-free section! Being of Swedish descent, my favorite treat they make is the Swedish almond cake. It literally melts in your mouth  with a sweet almond taste that fills you with joy, no pun intended! I bring this to almost every event I go to and everyone always asks where this delicious cake is from. Stop in for a treat and you won't be disappointed!


5. Animal Protection Center of Southern Massachusetts- Brockton, Massachusetts
Dogs!  Where do I begin for my love of dogs?!  Since the beginning, Verde has been a huge supporter of the APCSM in Brockton. Our relationship with them started when I used to run a pitbull rescue. It had just turned over from the MSPCA to the APCSM and seeing all the hard work and dedication the staff and volunteers put in to help these animals made me so excited to work with them. One way we help out with this organization is every time we purchase on Amazon we shop AmazonSmile and select Animal Protection Center of Southern Massachusetts and a percent of the sales goes to help the shelter! The biggest way we help support the APCSM is our ongoing fundraiser of candle sales in the salon. We donate 100% of the proceeds right to the shelter. And where do we get these candles? Thats right, they are local from Green Koala!


6. Green Koala- Marshfield, Massachusetts
We love having Green Koala soy candles for sale at Verde, and we always have our flavors of the month burning making the salon smell amazing. This super cute small business sell candles, soaps, lotion, lip balms, and more! They use all natural ingredients and nice essential oils.

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