Helpful Hints and Information

Day of Trial
• Please bring any veils, flowers, clips or accessories that might be worn the day of your wedding.
• This is a great opportunity to discuss steps to achieving the best hair possible on your wedding day. You will discuss options such as extensions, color, hair cut shape, treatments, etc.
• Have many pictures or ideas in mind. Often a few styles are tried before finding the perfect one. 
• Have clean face for makeup trial. If you have allergies please inform makeup artist ahead of time. Pictures of makeup are also extremely helpful. 

Day of Wedding
• We ask clients scheduled for an up do to wash and blow dry hair night before or morning of. Everyone's hair must be dry at the time of the appointment. Blowdrys are an additional fee. 
• Bridal party should wear button down shirts or shirts with very wide neck shirt.
• We recommend that bridesmaids come to the appointment with an idea or picture of the hair and/or makeup look they would like to achieve. This helps consultation and timing.
• If having makeup done, please make sure your face is clean and well moisturized. 
• Drinking plenty of water during the week prior to the wedding helps improve skin's texture and appearance.

Out of Salon Wedding
• If getting ready in a hotel, home, or other venue there is usually a little setup necessary. We prefer to get everyone primped in a well-lit area with plenty of outlets and mirrors. 
• Make sure the environment we are getting ready in will make you relaxed and comfortable.
• Verde will bring everything needed for hair and makeup, including bobby pins, spray etc. 
• Payments and tips can be in cash or check. Credit cards will not be taken out of salon.

Other Info
• Looking for a Bridesmaid gift? Let us put together a gift bag with some makeup and hair products we will be using that day. We can incorporate other items into the gift as well, just ask!