Leading a green and healthy lifestyle is a priority at Verde Salon. That's why we carry environmentally-friendly professional products. Kevin Murphy makes a wonderful line of hair products that are made with sustainably-harvested ingredients from organic farms. Being Paraben-Free and Cruelty-Free, Kevin Murphy is also part of Al Gore's Climate Project. We use Nayo, Coloring Green and Coloring by Kemon which both contain European certified organic ingredients and are free from PPD, parabens, and ammonia. Kemon also uses water purified using reverse osmosis, never using chemicals. The Kemon facility runs on hydroelectricity. 

Verde is proud to be a Green Circle Salon. $1 from each visit is donated to Green Circle Salons who in turn help us recycle hair, foils, color tubes, and dispose of chemical waste. They are helping us become a zero waste salon! 

In addition to staying green in the salon, Verde stays involved in the community. One of Verde's particular passions is the care and protection of animals. Our team regularly hosts and volunteers at events for the Animal Protection Center of Southern Massachusetts located in Brockton, MA. Proceeds from all Green Koala Candles at  Verde goes directly to the shelter.  Staying involved and giving back will always be a focus of our team. 

Some of the Ways Verde Stays Green

  • We recycle almost all of our trash, including color tubes, bottles, paper, cardboard, foils and just about anything we can!
  • We use only non-toxic cleaners and detergents. We use local company Sustain YoSelf and Seventh Generation cleaning products.
  • We have gone paperless! We have eliminated almost all paper by using an online booking software program and offering email or text receipts and reminders.
  • While building the salon we equipped it with mostly recycled refurbished furniture and our ceiling tiles are made from recycled materials.
  • All of our light bulbs have been changed over to LED bulbs.
  • All coffee and water cups we use are made from harvested FSC wood and corn. They are also compostable and made in the US!